A Colombian woman lives a love story with 7 grandparents who give her money and do household chores

A Colombian woman lives a love story with 7 grandparents who give her money and do household chores

A young and beautiful woman from Colombia caused a stir on the Internet after she showed off her unique relationship with seven elderly menWho has affairs with him at the same time and they are aware of the situation.

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Lena, originally from Barranquilla, Colombia, shared her story about what it's like to have a romantic relationship with seven older menA decision he made after several pairs They did not commit to it either emotionally or economically. So he started looking for other types of people and relationships.

Despite criticism of her polygamous life, Lina asserts that this lifestyle is the best she can find, since her seven friends, all of whom are retireesThey bear all expenses, “give everything” without conditions, and even take care of some household chores.

In an interview with Colombian media Ultima Hora Valle, Lina recounted what it was like to think about her past relationships and past relationships. It was concluded that older men were more generous and less demanding.

The young woman explained: “After analyzing all my relationships, I started to think, ‘You don’t have to ask the elderly for anything, they give everything because at their age they will never have a woman like me.’”

Lina said that in order to put her plan into action, He went to places frequented by elderly people, one of them, Parque Bolivar, where many of them went to receive their pensions.

Little by little she met and flirted with older men, until she was finally able to get along with her seven grandfathers.: Carlos, Simon, Jesus, Pablo, Manuel and two others whose names have not been revealed.

Lina assures that she takes care of them all and the gentlemen give her part of their pension or the full amount. Moreover, the woman asserts that there is no risk of pregnancy because they are all old.

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This woman's lifestyle has generated all kinds of opinions among netizens ever since Many of them consider that it only takes advantage of the elderlyAt the same time, others consider her very cunning.

Moreover, Lena admitted that her relationships are not based on romantic love, but on some kind of work.

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