A big woman chases and shoots a thief in Australia

The pictures were taken by a security camera and the Queensland Police have shared these unusual items. | Photo: Getty Images – Archive

An old woman managed to chase and bring down a thief in Australia, The events took place after “someone else’s owner” tried to take her bag from her.

Security cameras managed to capture the moment when A. An old woman chases a thief.

How did the old man bring down the thief?

You can while photos Seeing a subject walking on the sidewalk calmly and clearly; however, Something that catches your eye.

Later, he realizes it is Old womanAnd the Seize the opportunity to take away what appears to be her purse.

After your belongings are stolen, The man ran away without noticing that the woman was following him closely.

immediately The lady speeds up her pace, pounces on the topic “to catch it” and both of them fall on the ground.

The woman tries to take the robber by the neck and subdue him; However, after a series of struggles, the topic was able to sit still And it goes on In his attempt to take the lady’s purse.

So they keep going for a few more seconds, To pull a woman; However, the woman’s power not to release her belongings was stronger than the thief’s attempts to take it.

Here you can watch the video:

Where did these events take place?

The pictures were taken by a surveillance camera The Queensland Police (Australia) shared this unusual material.

Police presented the photos as evidence to appear in court because of his actions.

According to local media, The events take place in January in the Australian city of Gold Coast, in the state of Queensland Details and video of the event were recently released.

The woman, whose name has not been revealed, was celebrating her birthday in a bar when a man grabbed her bag. At that moment, the victim began chasing and confronting the thief on the public roads.

The incident video shows how he was shot and his belongings were recovered.

The woman was injured

After these events, the woman suffered fractured ribs, cuts and bruises.

The perpetrator managed to escape, but was tracked down by the Queensland Police. Charges have been brought against him and he is due to appear in court this week.

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