A doctor attends a virtual trial while the procedure is being performed


the doctor Scott Denise Green attended his virtual traffic test from the operating room During the surgery, controversy erupted.

Dr. Scott Denise Green attended a virtual transit trial from the operating room while performing the procedure and The controversial video went viral and sparked controversy.

The California doctor entered the virtual trial with the Sacramento Court but surprised the attendees He was in the operating room while the surgery was taking place.

Dr. Green appeared in the virtual audience wearing a classic surgical hat, mask and gown used by surgeons, and in the video it appeared that the court secretary asked him if he was available for trial at the time. The doctor replied, “Yes.”

The doctor confirmed this He was in the operating room, but he was available for trial And “go ahead”.

While they were waiting for the judge to join the meeting, Dr. Green could be seen with his head down and appeared to be conducting an action. To the patient while listening to the noise of medical instruments.

When the judge joined the trial, he noticed Dr. Green’s activity and although the doctor confirmed that he could continue with the trial, The judge said he was uncomfortable and refused to continue the session.

The judge said he did not think this was appropriate and that he would suggest a different date for the trial at the doctor “It has not been actively involved or actively involved in meeting the patient’s needs.”

Although Dr. Green apologized to the court, Controversy over his performance was unleashed through attendees To experiment while caring for a patient.

The California Medical Board confirmed that it would investigate the accident Doctors are expected to follow standards of care in treating their patients.

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