Dog hit for riding a motorcycle in the streets of Colombia


On the Internet we found all kinds of videos showing us the extraordinary tricks some dogs were able to do; However, what Puppy On the streets of Medellin, Colombia We were all stunned.

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And that is, a boxer dog has learned nothing more, nothing less handle a Motorcycle.

Although it looks like a very unreliable thing, drivers were able to capture the video the moment the Drove dogs a Motorcycle On Avenida Regional Sur in the municipality of Envigado, south of the Aburrá Valley.

Everything seems to indicate that Puppy He already has experience behind the wheel, because in addition to driving with extreme precision, he wore a gray jacket and even some windshield goggles.

Supports dog leash MotorcycleA man, apparently his master, sits behind the animal.

Passers-by and drivers who were on his way were surprised by the completely strange event.

The video has been shared in the online world and, as expected, was well received by social media users, who also showed their impact by watching Puppy driving a Motorcycle.

However, this fact has not been well accepted by the authorities, and even the Envigado Mobility Trust indicated that a person who allowed the quadruple driving once recognized by customers could be punished as this was considered a dangerous maneuver.

With information from Radio Blu

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