In Indonesia, a fisherman claims to have caught the real “little shark”

at IndonesiaHunter claims he caught the real one Baby SharkA shark with a human face, spread quickly. Photo: social networks.

In social networks the virus has spread The story of Abdullah Noreen the hunter From East Nusa Tenggara County, in IndonesiaWho went out on Sunday February 21 to the sea and caught a small shark with a human face, He confirmed that it was the original Baby Shark.

Abdullah Noreen fishing Pregnant female shark“When I opened his stomach,” British media says woman,There were three little sharks insideOne of them emerged as Baby Shark This left him confused. It has two eyes in the middle and a small mouth and looks like a baby. “

In the video, Abdullah puts Noreen Baby Shark In a position that shows your belly. Unborn eyes Below the pointed snout, Rather than aspects. With its mouth open, the creature appears to have a human face. Initially, the mother shark is found trapped in a trawl.

Experts talk about it Baby Shark

Detective (not fully identified by womanThe Maritime Supervisory Board, nonprofit organization He said he believed the unique aspect of the certification and environmental labeling system for wild fishing Baby Shark ought to To a birth defect, in addition To consider that a shark Indonesia It was a fetus.

“This is not something that I study, but some of the experts I follow have reported that it might be a case of partial cyclopia with a combined orbit, but with two eyes.

In an interview with woman, Fisher man Indonesia He confirmed that it has led to Baby Shark a With his family, who helped him To preserve it. He added that several of his neighbors had offered to buy the copy, but he refused, despite the big cash proposals. It is an event that marked his career as a hunter.

The date of Baby SharkAnd the The fisherman, Abdullah Noreen, arrested her at Indonesia, Around the world on social networks.

althoug Not the closest thing For a shark, because it was an embryo, it’s a strange story that left more than one of their mouths open.

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