DONALD TRUMP: Loyal Republicans unveil a golden statue of a former president

Republican party group loyal to the former president Donald TrumpRevealed a statue Golden tribute to the businessman. Photo: Reuters.

Members The Conservative Republican PartyPro-to-ex-president Donald TrumpPraised by him Friday during an annual meeting, and unveiled a statue The New York businessman went, indicating that he still is An influential political force at home.

In the Conservative Political Action Conference In Orlando, Florida, prominent congressional governors, including Senators Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley, and actors Steve Scales and Matt Gates, have spoken in support of Donald TrumpAnd the While they reiterated their support Unconditional politician.

  • Let me tell you something: Donald Trump Ted Cruz said: He’s not going anywhere.
  • The statue It’s golden, with a jacket, red tie, and star and stripe boxing shorts.
  • This work shows a cartoon version of Trump, with an oversized head.

statue From Donald Trump

The statue gender Instant teasing online, some of it They compared it to the golden calf that angered the Prophet Moses in the Old Testament. This fact seems to predict the future role of the former president, Which is another nomination for Washington DC White House in 2024, as reported.

The Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott, She said “Donald Trump It has its flaws, “but that made the party accessible to working-class Americans:” We will not win the future by going back. ” To where the Republican Party wasSaid Scott, if we did, we would lose the business base that the President so encouraged.

  • “We are not the past, we are the future. We are the future of this country,” Josh Hawley said.
  • Donald Trump On Sunday, he will talk about the party’s future and expose political differences.
  • Those present at that meeting support the November 2020 electoral “fraud” version.

Other Republicans did not attend the event. between them, Former Vice President Mike Pence; Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Representative Liz Cheney, another Republican in the House Who voted for impeachment. Donald Trump He is the first president of the country to emerge well from two political trials.

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