A candidate registered at the last minute who will face Maduro

A candidate registered at the last minute who will face Maduro

After problems were reported on the web platform where candidates for the Venezuelan presidential election had to register, the party registered Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT) announced at the last minute the candidacy of Zulia Governor, Manuel Rosales, Who will face President Nicolas Maduro.

The former rival of President Hugo Chavez and founder of his political space was able to register around midnight on Monday, the deadline for submitting nominations. “They did it by automated means,” confirmed the head of the National Electoral Council, Elvis Amoroso.

The opposition faced various problems when identifying and registering its presidential candidate. Maria Corina Machado, who won the Unionist Platform coalition primary last year and was the favorite in opinion polls, has been disqualified from holding public office for 15 years.

As his replacement, Machado nominated Corina Llores. However, minutes before registration closed, The Unitary Platform reported that the candidate had been banned from the site He had “never been able” to access the system since the operation opened last Thursday.

Corinna Lloris and Maria Corinna Machado

Machado nominated Corinna Llores.

Rosales is registered on behalf of UNT and not the Unitarian Platform, although Space is part of that alliance. Machado distanced himself from his candidacy. He said in a press conference: “What we warned about for several months finally happened: the regime chose its candidates. My candidate is Corinna Uris.”

The party expressed in a statement spread on social media that “the National Union of Workers has always been firm with the unionist program and accompanied all of the political processes that led us to the primaries on October 22 in which Maria Corina Machado was elected.”

He added, “But, due to circumstances that have not yet become clear, the opposition forces were on their way to being excluded from the electoral race.” What we have been clear and firm about is that abstaining from voting is not an option. They added: “As a party committed to the electoral path, even in the worst circumstances, we made a courageous, historic and responsible decision.”

Rosales, 71, is the governor of Zulia State, an oil state located on the western border with Colombia. In 2006, he faced the late Hugo Chavez in the presidential elections. Your application must still be approved by the CNE.

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