Can a US immigration agent check my cell phone?

Can a US immigration agent check my cell phone?

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When crossing United StateWe may be lucky enough for an immigration officer to notice something strange about us or something that catches his attention Ask us for a review Of the documents and what we carry among our possessions, Also ask us about our cell phoneWhich raises doubts about the legality of this.

Due to this, many people reject it or find it an unusual situation, since giving them our cell phone and accessing it can be in the same way, Allowing them to navigate or violate our privacy, as this action is completely questioned due to the sensitivity that this may represent.

This generates suspicion among some people who are subject to the review, since immigration agents have access to all kinds of information about us, Which generates mistrustEven if you have nothing to hide.

Can a US immigration agent check my cell phone?

The capabilities of a US immigration agent range from Ban you from entering this country until you obtain your US visa.

Therefore, it should be noted that the immigration agent, If they have the authority to check your cell phone, but also any other electronic device you carry, such as tablets and iPads And laptops.

Only this can be saved Persons with diplomatic status.

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