A Chinese space rocket officially lands in the Indian Ocean


Beijing /

A piece of Chinese missile The Long March 5 b It disintegrated over the Arabian Sea, and entered the atmosphere for the first time off the Maldives at around 9:24 PM (CST). The manned Chinese Aerospace Engineering Bureau reported late Saturday.

“According to observation and analysis, at 10:24 am local time on May 9, 2021, the first stage of the Long March 5B carrier rocket has returned to the atmosphere,” the China Aerospace Engineering Bureau said in a statement. The coordinates of a point are located on Indian Ocean Close to the Maldives. He adds that most of this chip disintegrated and shattered upon entering the atmosphere.

The US Space Command’s Space Path Project said in a tweet that those who “follow the re-entry of LongMarch5B can relax. The missile has fallen.” They added that most of the missile was destroyed when it returned to the atmosphere.

The Asian country launched the first unit of its space station into orbit on April 29, thanks to the Long March 5B carrier rocket, China’s most powerful launcher. However, upon his return to Earth he lost control, and specialists speculate that this would cause damage upon his entry into the atmosphere.

China has not, very cautiously, published any projections about the likely time it will enter the Earth’s atmosphere, as it should be completely or partially decomposed.


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