Evidence of nine Neanderthals was found in a cave in Italy – Ono TV


Scientists found Fossil remains of nine Neanderthals at Cave of Italy, An important finding in A study of the early settlers in the areaThe Ministry of Culture in that European country.

The remains were found in Gruta Guattari, in San Felice Cercio, On the coast between Rome and Naples, they are believed to be adults, although one may be a minor.

Eight of them are between 50 thousand and 68 thousand years old, The ministry said in a statement that the largest of them could be between 90,000 and 100,000 years old.

Culture Minister Dario Franceschini highlighted the discovery as “an extraordinary discovery that will allow people to speak all over the world.”

Francesco Di Mario, who led the excavations, explained that the Remains representative of the Neanderthal population would have been many in the area.

In turn, the director of anthropology, Mario Rubini, commented that the discovery would allow to fade away Important light on the history of settlement in Italy.

“Neanderthals are a fundamental period in human evolution, and represent the pinnacle of the first human species and society.”Robini commented.

The results came after the research It began in October 2019 in the Guatari Cave, which was found by chance by a group of workers in February 1939.

Recent excavations have also found thousands of Animal bones, In particular Hyenas and other animals that they would hunt and bring to the cave to get food.

There are remains of large mammals like Elephants, rhinos, giant deer, bears, and wild horses.

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