A customer spits on a Walmart employee; He responds with a punch and kicks him out


a Walmart customer unleash a A strong fight against an employee.

at Video Published on social networks, can be seen in Customer Hit employee from store; even in, spit in his face.

Annoying employee replied for the strong man Inflation in the head of that kick him out.

Walmart employee hits customer unconscious after spitting on him

In the exit area of ​​the store Walmart Englewood City, Colorado, saw a strong group of people A fight between an employee and Customer.

He surrounded the man in black shorts, a brown shirt and a hat Walmart employee موظف Opposite some merchandise shelves.

Repeatedly I hit her Finally, the supermarket trolley spit in his face.

A witness tried to arrest the employee to prevent him from defending himself and assaulting the offending customer.

However, the employee dressed in blue uniforms with a strong hit For the man who wears a sweatshirt, leaving him defeat on the earth.

Although the reason for the discussion is unknown, some are expected to be Lack of sanitary measures from the place before Customer.

The events were videotaped and posted on social media. It didn’t take long for the photos to spread.

To date, the status of those involved is unknown.

The Walmart chain also did not issue a statement to comment on the attacks.

Customer hits Walmart clerk who asked him to wear a mask

The fight Between the customer and the employee Walmart Store Colorado in the United States is by no means the first.

In the past months, a man was arrested for beating an employee Inside a Walmart store in Canada.

According to eyewitnesses, the client was angry with the worker and the police guard when they ordered him to wear the face mask In order to enter the place.

In response, the employee threw the employee to the ground and beat him severely.

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