Criticism of Daniel Ortega’s regime in Nicaragua grows due to the arrest of oppositionist Christiana Chamorro

Journalist Christiana Chamorro Barrios, daughter of former President Violeta Barrios de Chamorro, is being held incommunicado and under house arrest in Managua (Photo: EFE/Jorge Torre)

Various governments and organizations in the world have demanded Editing by Christiana Chamorro, the main opponent of the system Daniel Ortega On Nicaragua what or what arrested on Wednesday After the Managua court issued a search and arrest warrant accusing her of “Arbitrary management and ideological error in real competition with the crime of money laundering, property and assets“.

In the face of house arrest on Chamorro, This makes it impossible for her to run in the general elections of her country Which are the favorites according to the pollsAnd the “France strongly condemns those measures that run counter to the electoral process, which are free, honest and transparent.”An official note issued by Jean-Yves Le Drian, foreign minister in Emmanuel Macron’s government, indicated Friday.

Text added it France calls for the “immediate release of Christiana Chamorro” and for the restoration of her civil rights. “These decisions come in the context of a deteriorating climate following various measures that have been taken since the end of 2020.” The statement said he was against political pluralism and freedom of the press in the Central American country.

File photo of French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris (Image: Reuters)
File photo of French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris (Image: Reuters)

For its part, the Spanish government expressed “Worryorder to arrest Chamorro and disqualify him from the presidential elections in November and expressed their concern about “Constant harassment of journalists and independent mediaIn the country of Central America.

Through a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Spanish Executive stated that this “Serious events and current political dynamics reduce spaces for dialogue and coexistence in Nicaragua and jeopardize the democratic legitimacy of the general elections“.

Therefore, it considered that these measures”It must be reversed, putting an immediate end to the confinement and eviction of Mrs. Chamorro, and also ensuring the free exercise of the fundamental rights of all citizens and social and political actors“.

Christiana Chamorro (Photo: EFE/Jorge Torres)
Christiana Chamorro (Photo: EFE/Jorge Torres)

on the other side, The Western Hemisphere Freedom Front (FHL), made up of politicians, NGOs, former diplomats and academics from 15 countries, It was also added on Friday to the international condemnation of house arrest and disqualification from public office for the Nicaraguan opposition.

FHL File He called “urgently” on all democratic forces on the continent to renounce “this rude and arbitrary political manipulation” with which Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega “seeks to prolong his already long reign”.

This organization noted thatrepressive e Lack of respect“The action of the Ortega regime aims to prevent the opposition from running in the upcoming presidential elections in the Central American country.

Nicaragua “demands support for solidarity and international pressure to help it hold free and democratic elections.”, emphasized the FHL, a group created this year at a meeting in Miami (USA)”To alert and educate the peoples of Latin America who are at risk of losing their freedoms and their democracyThe organization renewed its call for “institutions that love freedom and democracy to raise their voices and reject the totalitarian maneuvers of the Daniel Ortega regime.”

Daniel Ortega (Photo: EFE/Jorge Torres)
Daniel Ortega (Photo: EFE/Jorge Torres)

Several countries urged the Nicaraguan regime to release Chamorro Barrios, He was denied access to public office on Wednesday, with a precautionary measure requested by the prosecution.

In Nicaragua, the opposition candidate for the presidency of the Republic Felix Maradija He affirmed that the Supreme Electoral Council “He wants to remove any candidate with broad popular support from the electoral process, as he is already doing with Christiana Chamorro. This cowardly act, to prevent real electoral competition from now on, should not be recognized by any opposition party as legitimate.”

filter Arturo CruzDaniel Ortega, former ambassador to the Sandinista government (2007-2009) and an aspirant who fulfills nearly all the requirements requested by the CSE, in turn stated: “If the dance of inhibitions continues and we are left without other candidates, the logical thing is that this servant is not participating in that (electoral) process.”

Ortega, who has ruled since 2007 after doing so between 1979 and 1990, 42 years of almost absolute precedence over politics in Nicaragua will take place next November.

The Organization of American States (OAS) has warned of this Nicaragua heads toward ‘worst election possible’, when qualifying as “A new attack on democracy” Chamorro Barrios disqualified for making “free, fair and transparent elections more impossible”.

With information from AFP and EFE

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