A hunter dies and is trampled by a herd of elephants – Ono TV

Zookeepers discovered the hunter dead due to the seriousness of the fall. | Photo: Reuters.

a Fisher man He died secretly and a flock trampled on him The elephants Local media reported in South Africa’s Kruger National Park on Sunday as she was trying to evade captivity.

The event occurred when A fisherman and his partner were fleeing the authorities and encountered a herd of elephants In reproduction, they declared the National Parks of South Africa (SANParks for their English abbreviation).

According to a Kruger Park spokesperson, “The guards saw three individuals trying to escape, so they called for reinforcements in the air. When they realized they had been seen, the alleged fishermen threw an ax and a sack with their provisions.”

The authorities managed to arrest one of the suspects, who told the park rangers that they had come across A. Flock of The elephants He was not sure if his partner managed to escape.

After that, the managers found out about the place A hunter killed by the dangerous footsteps from The elephants I receive. A rifle was also found, presumably the king of Cassadores.

“The campaign against poaching is everyone’s responsibility. It threatens many livelihoods, destroys families and requires badly needed resources to combat crime that can be used to create employment and development opportunities,” Said Gareth Coleman, CEO of the park.

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