In danger of extinction! The English Sheepdog is considered vulnerable


Because it is in general 2020 They just registered 227 births from Puppy from Bobtail a English ShepherdThe Kennel Club Association announced this Element From the dog They are considered vulnerable and at risk of extinction.

These dogs cannot adapt to small spaces. | Photo: Pixabay.

The president of this UK-based canine association, Bill Lambert, has commented that this may be because this breed of dog requires a lot of care and ample space to operate and develop. Unfortunately, these dogs, which are distinguished by their profuse gray and white hair, cannot adapt to Small spaces.

“There are fewer than 300 annual registrations of puppies and they are at risk of disappearing from our streets,” Lambert said of the English Sheepdog, one of the most distinctive breeds in the UK. That number of puppies registered in 2020 is the lowest in 60 years.

This record is in stark contrast to the 6,000 puppies recorded in 1979, when the breed became popular due to a paint advertisement. She even inspired the Beatles to compose the song “Martha May Dear,” which Paul McCartney composed in 1968 based on his dog.

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