A kind gesture from Pedro Cachin with a tennis teacher from Uganda

A kind gesture from Pedro Cachin with a tennis teacher from Uganda

Pedro Cachin dreamed of playing in the Davis Cup and last February he became the 87th player to represent Argentina in the traditional national team tournament to fulfill his dream. But Cordovan doesn’t just deal with fulfilling themselves. The Belleville tennis player thinks of those close to him and also those he doesn’t know, and if he can help make dreams come true, he does.

This is evidenced by the photos of his grandfather Alberto at the Masters 1000 in Miami, which was in celebration of his 89th birthday, having the pleasure of chatting with world number one Carlos Alcaraz and enjoying the best tennis with his grandson, currently number 63 in the United States. rankings.

Pedro Cachin, grandfather of Alberto and Carlos Alcaraz, during the Miami Masters. (marcos_z)

This is also evidenced by the image that travels around the world, thanks to the generosity of the Cordovan tennis player.

In collaboration with Tennis Aid, Cashin donated rackets and clothes from Argentina’s Davis Cup team to a tennis teacher from Uganda. Thanks to this gesture, Sware will be able to continue playing in better conditions and teaching the sport in his country.

In 2019, Cordovan made a similar gesture by giving away an old stringed instrument to a small school in the Congo.

The Congo Children thanked Kashin, when they received their Stringer. (@TennisAid1/file)

Pedrito is having one of his best moments on the circuit, cementing himself in the top 100 of the world rankings, and since this year he is also a member of the new ATP Players Council.

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