A metallic monolith over two meters high disappears in Spain; It was seen by the cameras


The structure appeared on the beach on March 30 and was moved to a park in Girona after its demolition despite the creation of a protective perimeter around it.

Castel Platja Daro (Spain) April 13th (EFE) – single Metal monolith It is more than 2 meters high, similar to what was found in November 2020 in the Utah desert (USA) and later in other countries, It has disappeared From the guarded area where it was protected after it was found on a beach in northeastern Spain.

The monolith was found at the end of March on a beach in the town of Castel Platja Darro, in the Catalan province of Girona, and disappeared from the guarded space it was moved to, a park that houses a permanent display of sculptures, a municipal spokesperson said this Tuesday.

When I opened the garden it turned out to be this metal structure I am no longer in place Where the so-called “dark point” was placed for the security cameras that monitor this space and which close daily in the middle of the afternoon despite analyzing the images in case they were able to help clarify vanishement.

The Monolith He appeared on the beach on March 30 and was surprised by his resemblance to others in different countries, some of them in Spain, without knowing the perpetrators, but he was later transferred to the park after he fell on the sand in an act of sabotage nonetheless. A perimeter of protection has been created around it.

Origin Monolith It is unknown, although it reminds us of what appeared in Utah and later ones in the United Kingdom, Romania, the Netherlands or Poland, and it also evokes the film from the 2001 film. A Space Odyssey (1968) Dee Stanley Kubrick.

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