A meteorite in Japan was caught falling: video

A meteorite in Japan was caught falling: video
Message from space?  A meteorite falling in Japan was captured in stunning videos
They depict a meteorite falling in the sky of Japan. Photo: Getty Images/Illustration

the Meteor fall He was arrested before Security cameras Southern Japan. Still Origin unknown From himself.

A falling meteorite was captured in Japan

A video shared on X, formerly Twitter, shows registration From one Security cameraapparently, in out of a house.

but, While he remains motionlessit is possible to appreciate Meteor fall to Japanese skywho placed it Population alert.

Your accent shining And green an act Visible coming down. If it wasn't for him videomaybe, No one will noticeDo.

Japanese authorities No damage reported by Earthquake of space materials, It is very common anywhere.

According to the recording, meteor happened in 6:55 hours (local time) January 15, 2024. In addition, There are no further details about its impact..

What is a meteorite?

the Meteorites They are solid bodies that originate in outer space. upon entry Atmosphere from Earthhe They get hot And generating Lightning by Air friction.

According to its compositionYou can Sort In the following types:

  • rocky: They are the most common. It mainly consists of Rocks and minerals.
  • metallic: Its main topic is Iron and nickel.
  • Mixed: one Mix From meteorites Rocky and mineral.

We are Very valuable things to Scientistsbecause they can provide Information on Formation and evolution of the solar system.

Likewise, the Meteorites They can Sight anywhere in the world. His downfall And production is done in it floor, Oceans And glaciers.

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