A mother was killed in Bossa in front of her children in an alleged case of contract killers

A mother was killed in Bossa in front of her children in an alleged case of contract killers
reference image. In the past six months, the National Institute of Health has reported more than 500 cases of poisoning for criminal purposes in Colombia. Photo: private file

The crime against the mother of a family, Ana Delfina Barrera Saavedra, 48, and her two children, aged 11 and five, continues to rock the city of Bossa and all of Bogota. While the woman was taking her young children to study, in the early hours of Wednesday 1 June, she shot them.

The body of the woman who was in business in Kennedy Town was found with all of her belongings, so the investigation does not include a case of theft. The authorities are considering the possibility that it was retaliation for a loan retraction, since the lady did not marry because of problems with anyone. However, there is still no certainty about this.

According to Colonel John Suarez, police chief in the town of Bossa, “Today, around 5:20 am, specifically in the Laureles neighborhood of the Bossa police station, a woman who lost her life was accompanied by the youngest of two children. Two criminals on a motorcycle and using a firearm, kill this woman“.

The commander says the CTI has already collected “various physical evidence that would allow, in developing a systematic program, to identify the alleged criminals who murdered this mother of a family.”

Through the microphones of the local CityTv news, Maria Fernanda Caballero, the eldest daughter of Mrs. Barrera, asked the authorities to help clarify the facts.

“We demand justice, the God of justice is above, but here we are also the human power. We have already been here for a year in the compound, since he was handed over to us, and the insecurity is also very high,” said the woman who lost her mother.

Near the scene of the events, a group of relatives and neighbors woke up Wednesday night to remember the memory of Ana Delfina Barrera and to demand justice for her case from the authorities.

In the first months of 2022, thirty murders occurred in Bossa. Four hours occurred in the last 36 hours in separate areas of the city. Two brothers, aged 40 and 41, were killed in settling accounts, where they allegedly would devote themselves to a criminal life. Another body, about 25 years old, was found and remains unidentified.

The Bogotá Metropolitan Police He announced to RCN Radio that in the last hours, Two men and a woman were caught stealing from TransMilenio usersWhether in articulated wagons or station wagons.

The Transmileneo Police Chief Colonel Gader LirasInform the station that the three criminals have been arrested Thanks to security cameras installed at the 26th Street station, they captured the moment a gang of foreign nationals staged a robbery inside the city’s mass transit system.

After realizing the patrol, the patrol responded and immediately arrived at the scene to arrest the criminals. Colonel Léras told the media in Bogota that the arrest of three people of foreign nationalities was being achieved.

In the middle of the arrest, the authorities searched the attackers and found them Several knives and firearms, which they used to intimidate their victims and enable them to carry out burglaries. During the investigation, the police also established that: The three people captured are Venezuelanthat’s how RCN radio knew him.

According to the same medium, the criminals were made available to the Attorney General’s office to carry out their judicial procedures.

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