Elizabeth II: The United Kingdom is preparing to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s throne

Elizabeth II: The United Kingdom is preparing to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s throne

The British Get ready this Wednesday for four days of grand festivities for 70 years From reign of Elizabeth II, affected Health problemsAnd the But she is keen to promote Property In a transitional time marked by crises.

distance Britain’s exit from the European Union that flooded the country political and social divisionAnd the a pandemic who left 178,000 dead and one Standard inflation at 9% Which imposes limitations, for many 67 million British This celebration should be a moment of unity.

Fabulous ralliesThis platinum jubilee will bring a Thanksgiving mass, horse racing, pop concert, as well as great elements of British culture.

  • The Queen Isabel II ascended the throne in 1952, with only 25 years

The celebrations you will be crowned Sunday with tea s Tens of thousands of outings s Outdoor dining.

“Jubilees are anthropological events,” asserts Historian and biographer Robert Lacey, For whom “street parties organized by the people are as important as the festivities shown on television.”

The British are preparing for big celebrations during the reign of Elizabeth II. Photo: Agence France-Presse.

Queen Elizabeth II’s health problems

In spite of 96 years And the multiple scandals of Royal familySince his passing, Enrique’s grandson and wife Megan to the United States accusations sexual assault to her son of AndrewThe Queen continues to enjoy tremendous popularity.

newspaper poll the sun Gave it this week 91.7% From favorable opinionsReverse 67.5% for him Prince Carlosheiress 73 yearswhich gradually assumes more property functions in a gradual transition.

His mother’s health has caused concern ever since October She had to rest and was admitted to the hospital medical examinations. Since then he has suffered increasingly movement problems s contractor a COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Which made her, she said, exhausted.

The Queen Isabel II She canceled her participation in many events and replaced her Carlos In the Throne Speech before Parliament, it was one of the most important constitutional functions Chief of state

But in recent weeks, he has appeared smiling at several events, raising hopes that he will be able to come out on Thursday to wave a Buckingham Palace.

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