Cangwa Ren. Mocking a hobo, YouTuber was sentenced to pay 400,000 pesos and shut down his channel

The Supreme Court confirmed YouTube’s conviction Kangwa Rin, it’s a Barcelona courtimposed to block access to an account YouTube for five years For insulting a homeless guy he scored after giving him some toothpaste-filled cookies in 2016.

The entirety of the influential criminal chamber was charged with a crime against moral integrity last Tuesday, and also identified a Compensation of 400,000 pesos About moral damages He was sentenced to 15 months in prison.

What does the video for which he was tried appear?

Kanghua Ren better known as “Reset” has become a well-known influencer in Spain and Latin America thanks to his YouTube channel, which has 1.1 million subscribers, and has racked up 124 million views for the content he posted.

In 2016, “ReSet” posted a video in which he had a short conversation with Gheorghe, a homeless man, and presented him with a €20 bill and some cookies. The man eats them.

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“Maybe I’ve gone a little too far, but look on the bright side: This will help him brush his teeth. I guess he hasn’t brushed them since he became poor,” the YouTuber explained in the recording.

The spread of the video caused a scandal that led to the young man’s apology for the first time.

The next day he went to see Georgie, asked him how the cookies made him feel and released a new video: “People exaggerate by joking a homeless man on the street, sure if you do that to a normal person they won’t say anything.”


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