A new Superman villain may appear in the Flash movie


It’s been a weekend full of leaks Sparkle, but perhaps there was someone as important as a file Easter egg That would refer to the villain in the movie.

Sparkle Will adapt to the series bright spot With a timeline altered so that Superman is not the hero we all know, but a lab rat known as first topic, but arc superman project, D. Scott Snyder, Lowell Francis and Jane HaAnd the Also Explores the existence of a secret experiment created by the United States government to create its own army of super soldiers الجنود.

According to a recording photo taken by someone on We’ve got this covered, It seems that Neil Sinclair, L subject zerocould be the villain Sparkle. while the camp Ezra Miller and Kersi Clemons are tagged as Barry West / The Flash and Iris West, respectively, the location of which was found in the location mentioned by one of the trailers as well. subject zero.

Here is the guide:

Could ‘Subject Zero’ be The Flash’s great villain? | Photo: We got this covered

in arc Superman Project from bright spot, Subject Zero is also known as Neil Sinclair, the government’s first candidate for the trial, who received DNA from Superman and turned it into a subject with the same powers as Clark, until he finally lost control and became a Kryptonian-blooded killer. In the comics, Superman himself killed Sinclair, But could this be a hint of the next villain to appear in DCEU?

Sparkle Introducing time travel and communication between alternate universes that will include Batman Michael Keaton and the new Supergirl (From Sasha Calle), hopefully you can reveal a new file man of Steel.

The film is directed by Andy Muschietti and Released in theaters November 22, 2022.


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