A phone call from the president of Uganda has gone viral


(CNN) – When Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni stopped to make a call in the village of Kyeirumba, he never imagined that the moment could spread so quickly.

His official Facebook page posted a series of photos of him sitting in a folding chair on the road while making an important call.

“On the way from Isingiro, where I presided over the celebration of World Population Day yesterday, I stopped in the village of Kyeirumba for an urgent phone call,” read the accompanying text of the photos.

As of this writing, the Facebook post has received over 2,300 reactions, 500 comments, and has been shared more than 1,000 times.

Some have gone a step further and created their own photos of the road call and posted it on Twitter with the hashtag # M7challenge.

Users used any type of chair in the places where it occurred to them.

A cabin crew member joined the wave of memes before the flight.

Some felt that sitting on the road wasn’t presidential enough, and they went to a higher level.

Museveni became a meme

In addition to all these recreations, others decided to move Museveni to unknown environments.

Some have reimagined him sitting down for a photo.

Or replace the folding chair with an iron throne.

Some have taken him to the Eurocup football stadium with the players of the hero team, Portugal.

Others brought recent Wimbledon winner Serena Williams into the picture

Some brands seized the golden opportunity.

But amid all the fun, some Twitter users are reminding people of the current difficult political situation.

Around the same time Museveni was posting the photos, opposition party leader Kizza Besigye was released on bail, according to reports.

Robert Mugabe received similar treatment on Twitter in February 2015, after he began circulating a video of the 90-year-old Zimbabwean president falling down some stairs.

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