Demon Slayer: The Endless Train beats Mortal Kombat in its second weekend at the box office


Demon Slayer: The Endless Train – 100% made a big difference before appearing on the big screen. Although Japanese animation cinema occupies an important place in global cinematography, its audience was very young until a few years ago. As more rooms were opened to screen this genre, fans of the genre had the opportunity to enjoy the stories on the big screens.

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But over time, these types of animated films began to gain the audience’s little attention related to anime. Perhaps one of the titles that attracted the most attention, both in movies and on digital platforms, was The Incredible Vagabond Castle – 87% of Hayao Miyazaki, most recently your name – 98% of Makoto Shinkai; Despite these two successes, Haruo Sotozaki’s film surpassed any expectations.

Demon Slayer: The Infinite Train She had to face two big movies that seemed to overshadow her: Godzilla vs. Kong – 85% and Mortal Kombat – 74%. However, the animated film managed to surpass it globally in terms of box office collection. Now that it has reached the end of its second week in theaters, along with the Simon McQuoid movie, the anime continues to advance according to analysts.

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According to information disclosed in The Book of CharactersAnd the Demon Slayer It has raised an additional US $ 6.4 million in the US alone, which adds up to US $ 32.2 million since its first showing in US theaters. Restart Mortal KombatFor its part, it took second place, raising $ 6.2 million in its second weekend, although it totaled $ 34 million considering the reception it also received on HBO Max.

Until now Godzilla vs. Kong, Which has lasted longer, has raised more than $ 90 million USD domestically (US). Demon Slayer: The Infinite Train Tanjiro Kamado, Inosuke Hashibira and Zenitsu Agatsuma feature three boys of varying abilities that board an Infinity Train on a mission with Kyojuro Rengoku’s Pillar of Flame. Your goal is to confront the demon who tortured the city and killed many people.

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This adventure is a continuation of an animated TV series, and although the event had an important impact in telling the story and presenting the characters’ journey, some critics considered that the film did not go beyond what it actually presented in the Italian league. However, the movie is a great event for those who have followed the TV show for a long time.

A sci-fi adventure that some have described as “visually stunning” written by Koyoharu Gutuj and features the voices of Natsuki Hanai, Akari Kaito, Hiro Shimono and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. It is worth noting that in the middle of last week, this film appeared also managed to overtake Mortal Kombat s Godzilla vs. Kong Significantly in the Mexican box office. Kanasin I mentioned that the animated movie managed to raise about 25 million pesos in just one week.

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