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Netflix: The movie all the rage showing the practice of phrogging

This over an hour and a half on Netflix, the thriller is about a detective who searches for a missing teen, but discovers an evil presence hiding in the cracks of his broken down home.

In addition, to give the American film an even more terrifying substance that I see, it incorporates into its script a criminal habit known as phrogging, which is pronounced in English frogging, which is a word for frog.
Netflix: See you, blockbuster on the platform
See you can create sheer tension in every scene and let the viewers shoot an adrenaline rush. On the other hand, the twists that the film offers make it impossible to indulge in just one genre.
The film tells about the case of a 10-year-old boy, whom neighbors know as a good boy, who disappears on the outskirts of the city. Apparently, the event is linked to a tragedy in the past, which caused the deaths of many minors in the city.
The city’s chief cop, Greg and his partner, Spitsky (Gregory Allan Williams), are responsible for gathering all of the evidence that leads them to the suspect. The key to the puzzle will be a green blade that was found next to all the victims.
Although these crimes seem to complement each other, every evidence collected, discovery, presented and guessed will bring us closer to an inconvenient truth: The author is closer than you think.
What is phrogging?
The appeasement revolves around people who live in a house but whose owners are unaware of its existence. In the United States, there is a practice that there are people who enter to live in a populated house without permission and spend a few days in hiding and then leave.
American real estate writer Laura Agadoni explained in an article by Millonacres and answered the same thing on the Mexican site Animal that phrogging people jump from house to house, whether they live in the basement or in the ventilation ducts, in the hope that residents will not find it. Home.
In general, these are luxurious homes, which are very spacious, in remote or non-permanent locations.

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