A pizza restaurant is suing the customer who asked to return it with a tip

A pizza restaurant is suing the customer who asked to return it with a tip

previously It has become clear that a lot of people do everything for the sake of likes, Comments and opinions on social networks. However, these actions can end badly. Just like it happened To someone who made an interesting tip at a restaurant, apparently for the likes and a little interest. what’s wrong with that? we will It turns out that after the request to return it was given, for this reason. Now he is facing a lawsuit against him. The restaurant sued him.

According to international media, the story originated in a pizzeria in Pennsylvania. For nearly $3 thousand (more than 59,967 Mexican pesos), the foundation sues the client who, having left this amount – for which he is now suing – asked to return it.

“It’s a little annoying right now. It’s caused a lot of nonsense and drama,” Zachary Jacobson, manager of Alfredo’s Pizza in Scranton, told WNEP.

Similarly, the manager explained that at first they believed and “thought someone was trying to do something good”. However, realizing that everything was for the likes and that they also demanded a refund: everything has changed.

But how did that happen? It was Eric Smith who left waitress Mariana Lambert $3,000 in $13 bills. This is after ordering a plate of stromboli. However, the noble reward gesture wasn’t sincere, as he only uploaded it to social media called “Tips to Jesus”.

Without the local workers knowing that it was all a joke, they felt happy and ecstatic.

“This really meant a lot to me because everyone goes through things. It really touched my heart. I still can’t believe it. I’m still in shock,” said the tipping waiter.

However, everything changed when the restaurant received “something in the mail that Eric was objecting to his tip fee.” I wanted everything back.

“We thought someone was trying to do a good thing. Now, what after three months? Not even, and there’s nothing,” Jacobson lamented.

That is why the aggrieved party decided to file a lawsuit, since it believed that it was unjustified for them to play in this way with the workers:

“Unfortunately, we had to file the lawsuit through the judge’s office because we ran out of money now. I hope he will admit his actions and come forward and pay for it because he shouldn’t have done so if that was the end result.”


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