A preschool teacher is criticized for showing obvious curves

A preschool teacher is criticized for showing obvious curves

teacher status Kindergarten in United State I know diffuse after your physical appearance It sparked a debate on the internet about what inappropriate that some people find.

The teacher has been identified in Instagram How toyboxdollz teaches art to kids even five years What caught the attention of parents and netizens of it the body.

Which is that the teacher has a personality sensory And besides, it is usually used tight clothes In class, however, she is very careful, as she tries not to use any kind of neckline.

women from Puerto Rico has received strong criticism From the people who consider it their own dressing method It is inappropriate to be a teacher, some people have even done that disputed If you are really a teacher.

A little bit of the fathers and mothers She responded to criticism by making sure that women’s clothes are no matter what their bodies are correctly The presence of their students is not permissible to be alone.

Regarding her posts that are not related to school, the teacher shares thems more than 620 thousand followers diverse Clothes More attractive or sensual, even some special costumes or in underwearwhich has nothing to do with her work as an art teacher.

The teacher usually receives criticism about her body in Einglish and in Spanishmostly from Women that come to offended herHowever, they don’t stop her from posting what she wants on her personal accountLikewise, there are users Defense Who is the Attack with phrases such as: “What do you want? Hide your ass?” Meanwhile, the teacher has learned to deal with these people at the same time she appears pride your work as Artist and clear curves.

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