Guatemala’s president still doubts going to the Summit of the Americas

Guatemala’s president still doubts going to the Summit of the Americas

Guatemalan president, Alexander Giamattihas not decided whether to participate in top of the americas Which will be held in the United States next week, according to an official source.

Guatemalan Foreign Minister, Mario PocaroHe stressed that “it has not yet been confirmed” about Giamatti’s visit to the regional meeting, and they confirmed that they were “evaluating all options.”

In statements to a radio station, the foreign minister said that Guatemala “will undoubtedly be represented at the summit” by a “high-level” delegation.

For his part, Picaro will travel to the regional meeting, the Central American country’s foreign ministry confirmed to reporters.

else May 17Giamatti said at a public event that the United States “will not invite” him to the Summit of the Americas scheduled for June 6-10 in Los Angeles, United States.

And in the same speech, the president confirmed: “I have already sent a message that I will not go” to the summit.

However, on May 23, the government stated that the White House had officially invited her to the event, but so far it has not confirmed that she will attend the event.

The relationship between United State s Guatemala The situation deteriorated on May 16 with the re-election of Attorney General and Chief Public Prosecutor Consuelo Porras for another four-year term by decision of Giamatti.

Porras was sanctioned in September 2021 by the United States for “obstruction” of justice in high-impact cases in Guatemala, and the State Department designated Porras’ re-election as a “step back for democracy” in the country.

Added to the tension between the two countries was an international interview in which Giamatti said he would ask the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to leave the country and accused the North American country of seeking drop it.

Giamatti’s statements were recorded in A an interview It was revealed in the last week of May by the American Heritage Foundation, specifically in an article signed by representatives of the entity, Matthew Haider and Mike Gonzalez.

In the post signed by Haider and Gonzalez, Giamatti asserts, during an April 26 interview with both, that the US ambassador to Guatemala, William Pope, is “meeting with indigenous leaders” seeking to “overthrow” his government.

About the relationship with the United States

Guatemala’s foreign minister said, Friday, “We are in dialogue at the highest level with United Stateand that I “always repeated that our sovereignty is non-negotiable.”

But today we have the best dialogue with the United States. We are doing very well. And the Secretary of State indicated that we are working this week with Ambassador (William) Pope.

“We can have differences like any country, but the important thing in diplomacy is the fact that today we are a democracy,” the foreign minister emphasized.

The top of the americas It will be carried out without Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaraguawho were not invited to the regional event hosted by the United States.

With information from EFE

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