A procedure in a Texas school raises controversy in the United States: ‘It’s awful’

The mother of Derry Williams, a 17-year-old boy who likes to have his hair long in dreads, complained about the discriminatory attitude of East Bernard Independent School, A public high school in Texas seeks to force him to cut his hair as a condition of admission to school under the protection of a student handbook. Both young man and mother, Desiree Bullock, defend their freedom to choose the look they want and how they feel most comfortable.

Bullock and his family arrived in East Bernard from Ohio in February, and that month they sought to enroll him in the school, but he has not succeeded since because they refused to agree to the school’s policy, which they consider to be in violation. On the other hand, the school does not want to make it more flexible. “Once you cut that hair, cut your streak with your ancestors, cut off your dynasty, cut everything, and that’s not an option…” mother announces about CNNWorld Health Organization They insist that they do not see dreadlocks as a symbol to be feared because they love them.

Derrie Williams wants to continue her studies but refuses to cut her hair because it is part of her identity.Tweet embed

The East Bernard High School Student Handbook is very specific in its guidelines for men: Points range from prohibiting clothing with holes, baggy, form-fitting, or too short to what this dispute includes: It is not permissible to wear braided or twisted hair.as he read on page 51 of the same text, also specifies that “students’ hair shall not be worn under the eyebrows, below the top of the ear, or below the collar of a traditional shirt”, among other points preventing bangs, potato also shave his ass.

For Derrie Williams, her hair is more than just an appearance, and when her mother claimed to the institution that her son had locks, she received, “Okay, he’s going to have to cut it,” from school authorities. Bullock also applied for a religious exemption that was not granted and They are still in the fight against what they feel is a form of racial discrimination as it particularly affects African American children.

Derrie Williams and her mother, Desiree Bullock, protested a measure they view as discriminatory preventing her from continuing her studies.
Derrie Williams and her mother, Desiree Bullock, protested a measure they view as discriminatory preventing her from continuing her studies.Tweet embed

Both are worried about The academic opportunities that the young man lost precisely in his last year of high school, when his abilities on the track can be discovered by some college recruits In obtaining a scholarship to continue his studies as mentioned in an interview with CNN.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that an African American boy or girl has been forced to cut their hair to meet standards set in a school institution; in this way The CROWN Act, which was approved by the US House of Representatives last month, has become relevant To end poetic discrimination in schools and jobs. The law will now be presented to the Senate after it was approved by several states, including New York, Colorado, Washington, Virginia, Massachusetts and Maryland.

“The President believes that no one should be denied the opportunity to get a job, to succeed in school or in the workplace, And the White House published a statement issued last March.

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