A remake of “Dead Space” has been shown at first sight

A remake of “Dead Space” has been shown at first sight

EA Motive kept its promise and participated in The first sight To the awaited edition of dead space, which was officially announced just a few weeks ago. As expected, the preview was very brief and brief, but enough to give us an idea of ​​the nice graphical leap from the original title. Basically, the Montreal study allowed us to look at some of the scenes, the horrible Necromorphs and the interesting technical novelty involving these creatures.

We go in parts. The studio makes use of the latest console hardware to dramatically improve the atmosphere, a key component of dead space. Perhaps the greatest novelty in this regard is New dynamic lighting systemThis allows the light to be reflected in a realistic manner. In addition, the level of modeling detail and texture quality is up to the project Next generation.

Among the characteristics that distinguished dead space Origin is the dismemberment system of enemies. In the new version, they will take it to the next level, to be possible Skin shedding Necromorphs dynamically. The interesting thing is that it will not be an exclusive visual addition, since now it will be necessary to remove the skin of the Necromorph to expose its bone, and then later dismember the damaged limb.

Of course, the above is a big change in combat. Roman Campos Oriola, creative director of the remake edition of dead spaceHe noted that some weapons would be more efficient at exfoliating the skin and others for cutting limbs. As a result, during clashes You will have to quickly exchange weapons. If we take into account that Necromorphs approach your position, you can be sure that the tension will increase.

Also, you should know that the new version will offer some Changes in history from the first dead space. Not in the structure of the narrative, but in knowledge Which links with the sequel and other adaptations. “We’re not going to change the basis of the story, because it’s really creative. We want to have more links with what came next, be it the books or the anime, dead space 2. We want to fit the original in a better way in this vast universe. This can be done skillfully through the environment [escenarios]But some additions can go further than that.”

Finally, EA Motive confirmed that the actor Gunner Wright to vote for Isaac Clark again. The bad news, yes, is that there is still no release date for the remake dead spaceAnd it doesn’t look like he’s coming soon though Rumors I put it at the end of 2022. You can watch the full presentation below:

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