A student loses a cooperative of 140,000 pesos for his graduation dinner

A student loses a cooperative of 140,000 pesos for his graduation dinner

“I don’t have the money, I swear I can explain it to you,” this was the defense of a young woman from Cordoba who lost million Argentine pesos (more than 140,000 Mexican pesos) His classmates had gathered for the end-of-year graduation dinner. She remained in charge of the money, but when the students wanted to rent a room for the celebration, the girl had no money and now they want to report it.

The unusual event took place at the IPEM 400 secondary school, in the 1° de Mayo district, southeast of the capital of Córdoba, and according to what the students themselves said to local media a few months ago, they began to raise funds for the implementation of End of year dinner to celebrate alumni.

“At the beginning of March we started our school canteen. The authorities told us from the start that they couldn’t take responsibility for what happened to the money,” one of the students said in an interview with El Doce Tv. That is why they chose one of their comrades to guard the collected money.

When September arrived, the group of students expected that it was a good time to start looking for and renting a room at the end of the year. But the girl who had to take care of a million pesos, I was looking for excuses not to deliver it. When we went looking for money, he started to evade. At first he was not at home and then he started using excuses to set up obstacles,” the same student identified.

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The group spokeswoman estimated that the group was very close to that high of a million pesos, and as the days passed and they were unable to reserve the room they had chosen, they decided to “do something for the group, of all.” “.

Because of the second option, they chose to divide the proceeds into equal parts and distribute them, but the refusal of the young man in charge of the money also made this impossible. They are tired of looking for him because they think he “spent,” the student who spoke to the media said.

However, the young woman was only able to ask her friends for help and sent them a message: “I don’t have the money. Please help. I swear I can explain it to you.” Despite this, he warned the students that they would implement official complaint They plan to raise money again so they can end the year with a party.

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