The special team in the government palace continues to confiscate materials from security cameras

The special team in the government palace continues to confiscate materials from security cameras
Invited from the special team arrive at the government palace. (N channel)

Just before five o’clock, a group of officials from Special Team of the National Prosecutor’s Office Came to me Government Palace. It is a jurisprudence regarding the security cameras that are reported to be broken. After 17 hours inside, the authorities remained inside the government headquarters.

“Any kind of unjustified delay will be considered an act of obstruction.”The responsible public prosecutor, Jorge Mauro García Juárez, said after declaring himself at the entrance to the Government House.

This visit is related to Ijtihad on August 9, when they arrived at the presidential residence to arrest him Yénifer Paredes The sister of the president’s wife Peter’s Castle. On that day, the sister of the first lady was supposed to be in the palace, but she was not found.

Later, suspected of having been hidden from Paredes, security cameras were requested to be recorded; However, three of the cameras were said to have fallen that day.

“I have a judicial decision from the Criminal Chamber of the Specialized Ordinary Court of Justice whereby a special team of prosecutors is allowed to conduct a search in the government palace and the presidential residence for the purpose of confiscating stills, videos and recordings,” the authority said.

Similarly, through a tweet on Twitter, the Public Prosecution re-affirmed the reason for the jurisprudence: “In compliance with the rulings of the judiciary, the special team of public prosecutors to combat corruption in the authority is making unremitting efforts in the government palace To confiscate footage, video clips and recordings from surveillance cameras“.

Attorney General’s Office

The official document of the Prosecutor General’s Office indicates that video footage and recordings of security cameras will be seized From the doors to access these buildings as well as extract a replica of them on 8, 9 and 10 August 2022. Likewise, it has been established that the duration of authorized care should not exceed 24 hours.

The president’s lawyer, Benji Espinosa, spoke on social networks, criticizing the discretion of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. He explained that “a judicial decision of the Chamber authorizing taking pictures of the palace, which was not made unanimously, but by a majority: 2 against 1. It is a null decision because it violates due process and the sanctity of presidential speech.”

He added that the judges of the Supreme Criminal Chamber are not competent to order action against the government palace and the president of the republic. “All rights protections we have provided are addressed to the Supreme Court, which is the only competent court.”The lawyer said.

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