A study reveals the most toxic video game, not League of Legends »Hero Network

A study reveals the most toxic video game, not League of Legends »Hero Network

Although video games are the main source of entertainment for many people, they tend to bring out the worst in every player. A lot of times they tend to lose their temper and end up getting angry about having a bad team or just a bad game. This leads them to throw bad words and wrong attitudes that they should not resort to. However, a recent study ranked the video games with the most toxic players and the number 1 goes to Rainbow Six Siege.

buzz bingo He was responsible for conducting this study. They spent 25 hours watching different video game content on Twitch and YouTube Gaming, and collected the bad words released on each submission and averaged them.

As mentioned, the game that surprisingly tops the rankings is Rainbow Six Siege, with 146 swear words every 15 minutes. It is followed by FIFA, Call of Duty, Halo MCC, and GTA V, among others.

The surprising thing for many is that League of Legends is not even in the top five on this list. Remember, Riot Games’ MOBA is accused by many of being one of the most toxic games out there today. As compiled by Buzz Bingo, the video game contains only 69 swear words every 15 minutes.

An astonishing analysis of the different players of the different games featured in the study to note the level of toxicity inhaled into their different titles. It should be noted that currently League of Legends is not what it used to be, and while toxicity is still an issue, its rates have decreased significantly compared to years past.

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