Listen to WhatsApp audios before sending: Available now


Soon we will add the possibility Listen to WhatsApp audios before sending To the other person’s voice note, now we know how the system works. It is also possible to test it directly without waiting for WhatsApp to run for everyone.

The new interface allows us to record audio Stop recording before sending, with the “Stop” button. By pressing the “play” icon, it will be possible to listen to the voice memo, and even advance the sound line to select certain parts if it is a long sound.

Where are WhatsApp audios stored?

In case everything is OK, we can press the key Kite arrow to send sound, or use the trash icon if we want to delete and re-register it.

To access this new version of the WhatsApp built-in voice recorder, you must Hold the microphone icon and swipe up from the chat window.

We can test this option to listen to WhatsApp notes before sending them from the program. WhatsApp and Google Play Store beta from Android. We also include a link to the installer file, we must follow the procedure for Install an external APK on Android If we prefer this system.

Unfortunately, the New function not working for all usersEven installing the latest version enables it, so it seems that WhatsApp manages it remotely. It should reach the public version in a short time, and we will have this possibility available only by updating WhatsApp in our App Store on your Android phone or iPhone.

naturally Many will love the idea of ​​listening to an audio clip before sending it via WhatsApp, to see if it is appropriately expressed. While there are tricks for Listen to the WhatsApp audio before sending itIt takes much longer than the new recorder interface built into the app.

  1. Download WhatsApp beta for Android (APK)


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