You can now hide your profile picture from unwanted contacts

You can now hide your profile picture from unwanted contacts

The WhatsApp Released a new update for devices Android, which will enable new security measures, including restricting who sees personal picture Specifically to designated contacts.

With the new update, it will be possible for users to hide their profile picture. While this can already be done, it can now be done specifically for each contact. This is also enabled for specific times, post viewing, message reading, and states.

Although this update is still in the development stage, it is expected to be available by the end of the year. Meanwhile, it is already working in its beta function and some users have already been able to review the new proposals it includes The WhatsApp.

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This is a form of apology from The WhatsAppAfter users showed their disapproval of the new terms and conditions, which suggested including advertising, sharing of personal data and a lower level of security.

According to the latest tags from The WhatsAppThose users who have not authorized the Terms and Conditions of the Application will be affected and will not be able to access the Application. However, the platform will now allow people to keep their accounts securely to keep their information protected.

.’s new job The WhatsApp It will appear as “My Contact Except”, “Last Time” and “Profile Picture”, so you can decide who can see your contact card and who can’t. This way, for example, you can determine if a contact you haven’t registered can see your photo and Whats status.

This feature has been announced for Android users, but it will also be available for iPhone and iOS users in the future.

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