A thief dog assaults a huge piece of meat in commercial places and goes viral on TikTok

A thief dog assaults a huge piece of meat in commercial places and goes viral on TikTok

In the world of social media, we often encounter videos that captures adorable and amazing moments starring our furry friends. On this occasion, a cute little dog became a TikTok sensation thanks to his crafty and insatiable appetite.

The viral video, shared by user @waldom.atoche on Twitter Tik TokIt takes us to a butcher shop in Peru. In this establishment, a huge leg of beef is on display for customers to see. However, due to its size, the meat is very close to the ground, which becomes an ideal opportunity for our canine friend.

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Puppy video, who seems to have calculated his strategy perfectly, sneaks up on a succulent leg of beef. With quick but careful movements, the Cunning Fang manages to reach its target without attracting anyone’s attention. And in a matter of seconds, you’ll be enjoying an impromptu feast.

Source: X @showmundialshow

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The video sparked a wave of reactions Tik Tok, garnering more than 2 million views and hundreds of comments from users who can’t help but express their sympathy and admiration for the clever little thief. Some of the comments reflect people’s sympathy for the dog’s situation, while others make light jokes about the scene.

“He was forgiven,” comments one user, highlighting the understanding of a puppy’s hunger. Others express a desire to share sauces or condiments to enhance the fur-eater’s dining experience. Briefly, video It has become a reminder of the compassion and tenderness that animals can inspire in our lives.

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