What saint is celebrated today, Sunday, August 27? Everything you need to know about Saints of the Day

What saint is celebrated today, Sunday, August 27?  Everything you need to know about Saints of the Day

The Centural is a calendar that contains the names of the saints and the dates of their feasts. In the Catholic tradition, the lives and work of saints are celebrated, who are considered models of virtue and holiness to be followed. Additionally, many people use saints as a guide for choosing a name for their children or to remember their saints.

On this Sunday, August 27, many saints and saints are named, among them Saint Antosa Martyr, Saint Cesarius of Arles, Saint David Louis, Saint Gebhardou of Constance, Saint Guarino of Sion, Saint John of Pavia, Saint Lesrio of Caserane. Saint Narno of Bergamo, Saint Pomino of Tebaida, Saint Rufo of Capua, Blessed Angel Conte, Blessed Carlos Renato Colas de Pignon, Blessed Domingo Mother of God Barbieri, Blessed Fernando González of Agón, Blessed Francisco de Santa Maria and his Companions, Blessed Juan Bautista Vernoy de Montjornal Blessed María del Pilar Izquierdo Albeiro, Blessed Raimundo Martí Soriano, Blessed Rogerio Cadvalador. At LA RAZÓN we want to highlight Santa Monica’s name day:

Who is Saint Monica Hippo?

He was born in Tagast in 331 or 332 and is the patron saint of married women, mothers and widows. She was an extraordinary woman who became a reference and symbol for Christian women and mothers of all time. Santa Monica was a woman of Berber descent, belonging to a wealthy family and committed to the Christian faith. After marrying according to the family’s wishes, she had three children who were raised on the ardor of her faith.

Her husband, a pagan, converted to Christianity because of his ardent and unwavering faith. Santa Monica knew how to imprint all his earthly life only in the care of his children, and one in particular: Saint Augustine of Hippo.

Saint Augustine was one of the greatest men of faith of all time. Philosopher and theologian, bishop and teacher of the Church. Although Santa Monica never forbade her son to live his own life. It is true that he stood against some of his son’s decisions, but he also knew how to leave him the freedom to choose and make mistakes and accept him upon his return. With great joy, he attended his baptism on the night of Easter in the year 385.

Pope Benedict XVI said in Castel Gandolfo, referring to Saint Monica: “She lived her mission as a wife and mother in an exemplary way, helping her husband, Patricio, to discover the beauty of faith in Christ and the power of evangelical love, capable of overcoming evil.” “With goodness… As Saint Augustine will later say, his mother gave birth to him twice; the second required long spiritual suffering, with prayers and tears, but which culminated in the end not only in the joy of seeing him embrace the faith and receive baptism, but also in his complete devotion to the service of Christ.” She died. Monica in Ostia Tiberina, at the gates of Rome, in 387.

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