A video revealing the violent arrest of an African American army in the United States


Tension, pain and impotence are the first sensations that users generate to watch violent video where Two cops in Virginia arrest an African-American lieutenant For being a record once again questioning the aggressiveness with which agents act against certain ethnic groups, Derek Chauvin’s trial for killing George Floyd is still alive.

In this latest event, two policemen arrested Lt. Karon Nazario, 27, of African and Hispanic descent, wearing his military uniform. They point their guns at him. The moment is stressful, as there is no clarity, on the part of the agent, about the reasons for the procedure.

The situation happened on December 5th, but during these days the security camera footage of the policemen involved and the searches conducted by the military lieutenant was announced from his cell phone.

“Get out of the car now!” One of the agents shouted insistently, and then said, “Put your hands outside the window now!Nazario, who does not get out of the car even though he does with his palms and shows them to clients, replied, “My hand is here, what’s going on?” But the policeman does not answer his question. Ask him to get out of your car again.

The moments get tense, the policeman tells him, “We give you an order, obey,” and the military man responds.HI’m honestly afraid to get out of the carAnd the same customer responded, without leaving his rifle towards the lieutenant, replied, “It should be.”

From there, a minor struggle begins as the policeman tries to seize Nazario’s hands and later Sprinkle pepper spray to block his eyesightAlthough the young soldier did not rebuke the policeman or tell him any rudeness.

After he got liquid in his eyes, Nazario decided to get out of his car, which was brand new, without an official registration, even though he wrote the registration of the license plate to make it visible.

Member of the United States Army She was subdued by the policemen on the groundIn front of Baki gas station in the middle of the night, only knowing that he was arrested.To obstruct the course of justice, “said the agent who insisted on getting out of the car.

What happened to the policemen who arrested Karon Nazario?

She explained that the investigation, which is still ongoing, stated that the agents had provided details Those involved are Joe Gutierrez and Daniel CrockerWindsor Police are both white. The first of them was the one who, according to audio and visual records, insisted that Nazario got out of the car and then sprayed it with pepper spray.

Army I decided to file a complaint against the two officers, Where he seeks compensation of $ 1 million and that both agents involved admit to violating their constitutional rights. Washington Post.

Ultimately, after the defendants handcuffed Nazario, they took him and drove him out of the car and sat on a garbage can to start the investigation, which was a covert attempt because Lieutenant Nazario You agree to try to amend what happened To conceal his guilt and show that Nazario is at fault, without making any attempt to read his rights to Miranda, “says the lawsuit, issued by the US media.

specially Gutierrez is the only policeman removed from the institutionWhile Crocker’s status is unknown at the moment, he also aimed his rifle at the lieutenant and insisted on leaving from another point in the car.

Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Nortman did not ignore the position, who said that the army will be arrested.Annoys and gets angry. “

“I order the Virginia State Police.” For an independent investigation (…) We have done important work on police reform, but we must continue to work to ensure that Virginia residents are safe while they deal with the police and that law enforcement is fair and equitable, ”the governor wrote.

The case once again puts police operations into moot, Accusing them of racismEspecially towards the Afro-descendant community, who have expressed their annoyance at several protests since the events against George Floyd in May 2020.

“ Cameras have taken over the behavior Consistent with a disgusting national trend Law enforcement officers who believe they can act with complete impunity and commit unprofessional, serious, racially biased, and sometimes fatal violations of power.


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