Who’s winning. Results are straightforward


With about 80 percent of polling stations examined in Peru, Pedro Castillo He is the safest candidate in the second round The presidential election that took place yesterday, which is still in the stage of counting the votes, as the dispute revolves around the ballot quota between Hernando de Soto and Kiko Fujimori.

According to lOfficial results of the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) in Peru, the candidate of the extreme left of the Peru Liberian Bloc, Pedro Castillo, To date, she has 19 percent of the vote Valid.

While the struggle for second place on the ballot is going on intensely. In the early hours De Soto, From Avanza País, was the next person on the ballot, but now it’s Fujimori, from Fuerza Popular, who scored 13.32 percent of the votes cast by Peruvians yesterday, while the first mention got 11.74 percent.

The other candidate also seeking the presidency in Peru is Raphael Lopez Aliaga, That has so far received 11.74% of the vote. In this election, as other positions were also voted in, 18 candidates were nominated for the office of president.

Peru is seeking to obtain New democratically elected presidentThis is because it is currently temporarily led by Francisco Sagasti, after dismissals and scandals in the political class.

So far, by royal decree, the second presidential round is scheduled to take place on June 6, even when the country is hit by the severe impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In political affairs, the Peruvian Congress will remain fragmented, With 11 parties with representationWhile now the expectation and the surprise are in the percentage obtained by the far-left candidate.

Among the promises of Castillo’s campaign were Drafting a new constitution To weaken the business elite and give the state a dominant role in the economy.

He also promised to end the corruption endured by the last four presidents in Peru, slash the salaries of public servants and renegotiate contracts with extractive companies to gain more benefits for the population. Peru is the second largest copper producer in the world.

Due to the interruption of the candidacy of Castillo, a teacher who led a faction of the teachers’ union that was linked to the political arm of the subversive group Sendero Luminoso, Fujimori actually proposed a union of the right-wing proposals, which as a bloc had the majority support in this election.


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