a woman trying to open the plane door mid-flight; They tied it with a ribbon to the seat


Journey inside United StateThat connected Dallas Airport to Charlotte Airport, turned out to be a nightmare. Everything was going smoothly until a woman tried to open the hatch of the plane. At that moment, the hosts tried to intercept her. During the struggle she attacked them until they were able to stop her and tie her to one of the benches.

As reported by the media New York PostThe passenger had a “mental breakdown” that made her want to get off the plane. The testimonies of the passengers agreed that there he began to run and whisper and the impossibility of deciphering strange comments and movements among the flight attendants. After a while, the ship’s commissioner asked the passengers to calm down and stay in their seats because there was a problem in the front row.

Almost simultaneously, cabin crew began closing bathrooms, taking bags from overhead compartments and not wanting to say what was happening, according to TikTok user @lol.ariee, who recorded the woman screaming tied up at her. seat. In fact, in the sequence you can see her moaning as the rest of the passengers disembark.

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Meanwhile, American Airlines reported, the woman “attempted to open the front panel while attacking, biting and spitting on attendees.” “You have to let me get off this plane!” They said he was screaming. Therefore, to dispel it, they had to tie it with a strip of gray cloth on one of the benches. According to the company, they did so “for the safety of other customers and crew.”

Once the flight landed in Charlotte, North Carolina, the woman was taken to a local hospital. Meanwhile, the company has included her on the “inside” list of travelers who cannot fly, pending an investigation into the case.

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