A young man collects clothes thrown away by the people of Italy and makes sure they are new

A young man collects clothes thrown away by the people of Italy and makes sure they are new
Young collects clothes that have been unraveled by the people of Italy and ensures they are new. Photo: video capture TikTok via Karensalatino

user Tik Tok Karen Salatinofrom Argentina but in Italy, shared a recording of how he collects clothes that people usually throw away, but are still in good condition.

“In Italy, On the first Tuesday of every month, people dress up in the streetReally good, really fresh clothes. We walked out because they told us so and we checked it out. And here we are with the bags, ”he narrated in the video, in which he sees how he walks with a girl with the booty from that day.

Then I showed off a pair of clothes I had found: “Look at this brand new sweater. It was beautiful. It fit my partner. 10 points. It was so good, literally. Here I am. One day I went out to dinner and put on this shirt I found. It was Beautiful, I loved it.”

When asked where in Italy this happens, the woman said: “This is in Salerno and I know places like Calabria do it too.”

The post made comments such as: “I love that people reuse clothes, people restore clothes a lot and businesses benefit too”, “I would like to go fundraisers for children who need it most”, “I live in Italy and I take out clothes at every change of season.” “.

On May 16, the woman shared a new one in which she recounted how she received some ridicule for “surgery,” a term used in her home country for the act of picking things up from the trash. “It turns out that yesterday a college classmate sent me a WhatsApp message at night, saying, ‘Look Karen, this is you in middle Tennessee,’ the note says an Argentine girl in Italy finds bags of clothes,” he said.

Finally, he noted: “It’s the first time that the virus spreads and I do it by undergoing surgery, I can’t believe it. To all this, everyone tells me: ‘It should be Argentina’, ‘That’s it, success in Europe I don’t know what Well, to the detriment of the experience, I have a lot of anecdotes from this trip, so nothing, surgery around the world.”

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