A young man records the police voice when he raped her, and with this evidence, he achieved a conviction in uniform

A young man records the police voice when he raped her, and with this evidence, he achieved a conviction in uniform

in Argentinaa man who worked as a police officer recently 14 years in prison Because he abused a minor during his introduction. The verdict could have been handed down in part thanks to the fact that the young woman was able to record an audio clip of the police while she was being raped.

The event took place in the city of Salta, in September 2020. According to several Argentine media reports, the teenage girl was at her paternal grandfather’s house with a friend, spending time with a board game around eight at night.

By then her father had arrived and was angry that his daughter had allowed a young man to enter her house and called the police. However, the police did not take any action against the young man except for The father decided to leave his daughter on the street.

The two police officers who attended the case decided that they could not leave the young woman alone so late at night. So they decided to take her to the Seventh Police Station in Salta Capital. The teenage mother’s grandmother was getting there to pick her up.

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The young man recorded the voice of the policeman

However, while in the police station, they wear uniforms Pedro Sergio Daniel Cordoba He was going to take the young woman into a room where he first started touching her. The young woman, who is a minor, took advantage of the fact that she had her cell phone and registered it.

In the audio recording he recorded, you can hear how he tells the policeman to stop and continues until Adolescent sexual access. When the grandmother arrived, the young man told her what had happened, but the woman did not believe her.

Two days later, the teen told her mother that she believed her and filed a complaint in which the police officer was prosecuted and convicted and where the voice she recorded was essential evidence.

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