La Jornada – a new right-wing group that “seeks to protect” Spanish companies

La Jornada – a new right-wing group that “seeks to protect” Spanish companies

Mexico City. Senators and Representatives from Moreira warned that the source of funding for Patria Unida should be clarified and warned that it was a “small group” and they would be on the alert, because “as Vox has shown in Spain, the intention is to destabilize democratic governments and support the rise of dictatorships.

Representative Lionel Godoy and Senator Antares Vazquez and Cesar Craviotto indicated that behind this basis the National Action Party (PAN) and Fox in defense of the interests of Spanish electricity companies, which was prevented by the government of Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador from the continuation of corrupt practices.

“It seems to me that it is another card with a letter, and it will not have any weight in the Mexican electorate, but you always have to be careful, you always have to be vigilant, because usually these are the groups that have links with the far-right parties in Europe and Latin America,” said Representative Godoy. It seeks to sow confusion in an attempt to stop progressive governments.

For her part, Senator Antares Vazquez indicated that she has no doubts that Patria Unida is linked to the Algerian Workers’ Party, and to far-right groups such as El Yunque, and Fox shares racist and class positions, although “in a hypocritical way, the members of the PAN here give a different rhetoric.” .

At least, he added, Vox publicly accepts that it is against immigrant and women’s rights.

He noted that the speech of Alice Galvan, who was an advisor to PAN member Alejandra Reynuso and now chairs the Fundación Patria Unida – “which should be called Patria Vox” – is the same as that of the PAN, against President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s policies on saving oil and electricity.

Senator Cesar Craviotto agreed that PAN and Vox jointly defend Spanish companies, such as Iberdrola, to which the Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderón governments had granted undeserved privileges. He added that one must also be aware of the origin of the resources needed to fund the new far-right institution, which predicted a future similar to that of the Antiamlo National Front (Frina).

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