A young man saved thousands of coins of 5 and 10 pesos to go to Qatar 2022

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What a story that tiktok userk, yorchaguilar, from He will go to the Qatar World Cup 2022 after saving thousands of coins from 5 to 10 pesos. The video of the events has already exceeded 22 million views.

The young man has kept these coins for the past two years She pointed out that the day to count the money has come since the date world Cup It is already around the corner.

George Aguilar tiktoker real name, He had to cut the boat where he had the money, since there were quite a few coins and it was impossible to remove them; Use the knife and little by little the savings have decreased.

Viewers couldn’t contain their anxiety and asked him to reveal how much he had collected.

TheThe story had to be finished in the second partThere he revealed his method. First he separated the coins according to their denominations and then Put them in piles of 10 So I can count them easier.

In the end, Aguilar announced it Of the pure coins of 10 pesos collect 17 thousand and 900 and five collect 14 thousand 320for A total of 32 thousand and 220 pesoswho will go to Qatar 2022.

The World Cup kicks off on Sunday 20 Novemberwhen the host country honors Ecuador.

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