Lottery nearly 40 billion pesos How to participate?

Lottery nearly 40 billion pesos How to participate?
Powerbal Bag Scored Millions
Powerball has reached a historic purse of about $2 billion.

For more than half a decade, lottery fans around the world have been waiting to finally break the famous lottery record. Arsenal $1.58 billion and now it’s time, on the night of Monday, November 7, the lottery will be conducting a lottery on an almost record wallet 2 billion dollarsAbout 40 billion pesos.

For the same reason, they participate in the historical draw from all over the world, which is possible thanks to the fact that there are no laws that prevent foreigners from participating in the American lottery. It is also possible to do it from Mexico Through the well-known international service of official online lottery tickets, TheLotter.

What is TheLotter?

Licensed in the European Union and operates in 20 countries, TheLotter It is an online lottery service widely used all over the world and the only choice for Buying official tickets legally For the best foreign lotteries from Mexico.

How to buy official tickets from Mexico?

To buy a ticket, you must go to the lottery page Arsenal in TheLotter Choose five main numbers plus one additional number. Participation cost $5 per line With this value the commission charged by the site for its messaging service is included.

According to the platform, “There is currently no legal obstacle for any foreigner or foreigner Legal old tourist playing the US lottery And collect the prizes that have been won, just like American citizens.”

How does TheLotter work?

TheLotter Purchase official tickets on your behalf and send a file scanned copy to your personal account. When you win, the prize is entirely yours, since then They don’t charge commissions. In addition, all prizes are notified by e-mail or SMS.

If you get the whole bag or one of the big prizes, the service will help you claim it in person and pay for your trip and all expenses to the United States. If you win a high school prize, All funds will be transferred directly and automatically to your personal account.

her gate Customer service in Spanish is available 24/7 and A variety of payment methods, with VISA cards being the most recommended by the platform, due to their greater acceptance in Mexico.

TheLotter Winners

During 20 years of service, TheLotter He had a fortune To deliver hundreds of millions of dollars In the lottery prizes for millions of winning tickets. And since there are tens of thousands of Latin Americans playing the lottery every day around the world, there are also many who have won great prizes.

Meet TheLotter’s Biggest Hispanic Winners Here.

Now, Mexicans also have the opportunity to participate in the United States lottery, purchasing official tickets for Arsenal next draw approx 2 billion dollars. The next lottery will be Tonight is Monday 7th November.

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