A young man tries to carry out an attack in Edomex and is shot dead – SinEmbargo MX


It is assumed that the criminal was originally from Venezuela and would be part of a gang dedicated to stealing high-end watches.

Mexico City, 20 July (However). – allegedly Thief nationality Venezuelan He was shot dead when he was said to have intended attacks For diners of the restaurant located in the Plaza Comercial Providencia, in Mitepec, State of Mexico.

According to local media, the events took place on Monday afternoon when the potential criminal entered an armed cafeteria with an accomplice in a residential area of ​​the municipality of Mexico.

However, when he tried to implement attacks a Listen One of the diners who were in the place shot him. Although the alien ran away, he was hit by a bullet and he fell dead on Commonfort Street. Meanwhile, the partner managed to escape.

Next to the corpse of the Venezuelan, about 30 years old, was a revolver, as well as two shell cases.

Unofficial releases confirm that the person identified as Kevin Manuel Hernandez Torres, belongs to a band dedicated to robot of high-end watches and even had an investigation file open against him for qualifying theft in Mexico City.

Videos circulating on social media show the moment the gunman entered the establishment, so the bodyguards who were there had fired in an attempt to avoid the assault, prompting the alleged to flee. criminalsAnd one of them was killed.

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