A young woman publicly denounces a restaurant for invading cats and is reprimanded by the Internet: “You are coming from a monkey”

A young woman publicly denounces a restaurant for invading cats and is reprimanded by the Internet: “You are coming from a monkey”

Apart from viral videos that help us distract ourselves from the world, the Internet has also become a medium platform So people know the truth about their favorite places He eats and that is through Reviews It is possible to read other people’s experiences Diners In order to determine whether the restaurant adapts to what we are looking for or whether it is just a waste of money. Although it is very useful, there are owners who are addicted to it. Bad comments They ended up defending their business with all their might, and this was exactly the position that went viral two days ago.

Customer reports abuse at restaurant and owner responds

This strange situation happened somewhere Spain When a dissatisfied customer leaves a Bad rating From one of the restaurants I attended, it can be read that the young woman was disturbed by the presence of cats in the place, as they were on the tables and near the food, but what seemed simple. Negative review When it turned into a fight What is with you He replied.

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The presence of cats inside the bar disturbed the diner.
Photography: Vrebek.

From which platformThe bar owner responded to the customer by reminding her that she “came from a monkey” and provided her with solutions that may seem obvious, but many users described as “”rude“Although it is not said that if both people continue with them Fierce discussionAt least these parts have already spread on X (formerly Twitter) through the account “I’m a waiter“, who dedicated himself to making visual fights similar to this one.

The heated discussion that spread

In criticism slimWho claims to have paid 30 euros for his meal, more problems are addressed as well as there the catsBecause he regrets “the absence of paper in… Unisex bathroom And a shortage of hand dryers.” In response to these complaints, the facility owner did not hesitate to respond strongly:

“I remind you that you come from the monkey, and if there was no paper, you could have simply applied for it. Moreover, this place is not for those who cannot the animals“.

The opinions of users who read this heated battle are divided.
Photography: Vrebek.

This exchange reveals a difference Views Not only in terms of managing the cats in the restaurant, but also in terms of its aspects health and basic services. Meanwhile, the claim that non-animal lovers are not welcome on the site suggests a Policy Clear from the institution, generating more comments and opinions in the already hot conversation Connected.

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