A young woman sent her resume to a restaurant and they made fun of her

A young woman sent her resume to a restaurant and they made fun of her

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A young woman looking for work has sent an email to one of the companies where she wants to work; However, instead of responding to the recruitment, he charged for it They sent him a text written in a sarcastic manner.

Skyler went viral on Tik Tok when she revealed she was trying to get a job, confirming it Send your CV to a restaurant company for a position as a waiter, but they mocked her in response.

The woman said she called the chain’s HR department because of There was a vacancy available in the San Diego branch, United State.

According to the March 26 text, he appreciates applying for a waiter job and sending his resume, which “downloaded to my computer. I printed out his resume on poster sized paper.” For everyone Our team can learn about their history,” He began writing a supposed representative of the restaurant.

“Everyone was sitting on the edge of their seats listening to every word of your past adventures and wonderful experiences. We had a blast getting to know you and your beautifully written story,” this person continued.

The e-mail concluded that there was a possibility of an interview, stating, “We love it To get to know you and put a face to the name of the CV. Are you patient enough to wait for a phone call from one of our valued representatives To be able to coordinate the encounter of our lives?

But Skyler in her video couldn’t help but say “I’m screaming, what does this mean? Is it a joke?” She asked her followers on the social network. Later, in another recording She said they never called her “I think they sent me this email to scare me because they don’t want me to work there.”

After the content went viral, Skyler stated that other Tictokers users told him about “bad experiences” they had when they were employees of the restaurant. “If you ever call me, I probably won’t accept because I’ve been told some horrific stories about the place,” stated on the social network.


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