Off the Tunisian coast, a ship carrying 750 tons of diesel sank

Off the Tunisian coast, a ship carrying 750 tons of diesel sank
The oil tanker is 58 meters long and 9 meters wide. Photo: GettyImages / Caption

that oil ship It was carrying 750 tons of diesel that left Egypt for Malta and sank on Saturday in the Gulf of Gabes on the southeast coast of the island of Oman. TunisiaBut the authorities stress that pollution on a large scale can be avoided.

Minister of Environment , Laila ShekhaoI, stated that the situation was “under control”. Meanwhile, his ministry announced in a statement that “the installation of anti-pollution barriers around the wreck area, is planned to pump diesel oil And the divers’ inspection of the condition of the ship’s hull.

“There are minimal leaks that cannot be seen with the naked eye (…) so there should not be a disaster in the Gulf of Gabes”

Said Mohamed Karay, spokesman for the court of Gabes.

On the same day, the official announced that an oil tanker carrying 750 tons of diesel, In danger since the night before, “it sank this morning (Saturday) in Tunisian territorial waters.”

What do you know about the oil tanker?

tankerZillow(IMO . license plate 7618272) 58 meters long and 9 meters wide – according to Vesseltracker – and hoisted a flag Equatorial Guinea, se was heading to the island of Malta, from the port of Damietta in Egypt, according to the ministry.

To protect itself from bad weather, the ship asked to enter Tunisian territorial waters on Friday evening.

And when it was about 7 kilometers from the coast of the Gulf of Gabes, the tanker began to sink, according to the ministry.

Water seeped into the engine room, its height rose almost two meters.

The ministry added that the Tunisian authorities then evacuated the crew of seven people who were on board the stricken ship.

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