Haiti warns of the spread of “highly contagious” disease through skin contact

Haiti warns of the spread of “highly contagious” disease through skin contact

Ministry of Public Health Haiti (MSPP) alert residents to a form of skin infection “Highly contagious” looks like scabies And it was monitored in different parts of the country.

“The Ministry takes this opportunity to advise everyone who shows the following signs and symptoms to go to the nearest health institution: Itchy and itchy skin lesions, especially at night“, detailing the public authority, which did not give specific numbers of the injured.

Similarly, the country’s health authorities have recommended a series of measures to citizens to avoid infection and thus the spread of the new disease.

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“The MSPP encourages you to apply the following preventive measures: avoid direct contact with an infected person; boil bedding; disinfect clothing, sheets, pillows, and towels; and advise airing spaces and showering with clean water.”

For those infected, in addition, the Ministry of Public Health requested it Avoid rubbing the skin Despite the desire for it, in addition to being careful not to spread the disease and infect others.

The lack of adequate infrastructure, overcrowding in popular neighborhoods and lack of access to water are fertile grounds for the spread of these diseases in the country. The year 2010 faced a cholera epidemic with an official tally of 10,000 deathsalthough social, political and human rights organizations assert that the real figure may be three times higher.

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The NGO Doctors of the World warned in February that 4.4 million people, about 40 percent of Haiti’s population, needed humanitarian aid in the country, where nearly half a million people live without running water.

The organization indicated that The situation was exacerbated by the 7.2-magnitude earthquake Which took place in August 2021 and left more than 2,000 people dead, 60,000 buildings collapsed, and more than 75,000 properties damaged. (Europress)

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