Joe Biden revives the ‘Invisible Man’ and it spreads quickly

Joe Biden revives the ‘Invisible Man’ and it spreads quickly
Joe Biden
Joe Biden has reached the “invisible man”; That is, no one. Photo: Reuters.

The President of the United StatesJoe Biden It was a slight omission after it had taken so long letter On the University of North Carolina, when and without more raised his hand to me “Invisible ManThis is it, no one.

The video Posted in different local media resumed in Social mediaHow do Twitter s FacebookAnd It was made quickly direction And it caused a lot comments About curious registration.

letter USA President Signed in North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University, at Greensboro. As seen in Pictures Once completed, the Leader He turned to his right shake hand a Somebody Presumably he will be on his side; However, no one was there!

The above happened, after noticing that no one I will shake handsAnd Joe Biden He was silent for a few seconds and then came down The theater, between applause subordinate university community from North CarolinaWho applauded after a long talk that lasted almost 40 minutes.

The video anger was in Social media from United StateAnd, as expected, it was the subject of dozens of Memes About.

Biden’s North Carolina Tour

Before a slight slip, Joe Biden praised American industrial innovation during his trip to Carolina subordinate northwhere he defended his efforts against inflation and promoted high-tech research and production, in order to make the country more competitive in the world.

In Greensboro, the president said his main priority since the beginning of his term has been to promote “Made in America” ​​products.

He told the future engineers at The north Carolina State Agricultural and Technical University.

“Science and technology are advancing at amazing speed. It’s all part of a larger vision for our program with Vice President (Kamala) Harris: Rebuilding America better than it was before the pandemic.

Joe Biden in North Carolina

The visit comes at a time when inflation is at its highest level in 40 years – in March it was 8.5% on an annual basis, according to figures released by the department on Tuesday. subordinate Business blamed on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, rising rents and prices subordinate Gas.

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